OmniCommerce Infrastructure for
African Retailers

Whether you are a small convenience store, single location pharmacy, specialty store, multi-location supermarket or multi-national retailer, PayPecker has the features you need.

Growth Infrastructure for brick-n-mortar offline retailers in Africa

PayPecker provides business process automation and omnicommerce infrastructure that digitally transforms and automates end-to-end all the trading, inventory, payments, financial, operations and commercial flows of African retailers. PayPecker is the definitive purpose-built vector for the growth of African retailers.

Why PayPecker?

Unified Commerce Infrastructure

PayPecker’s unified commerce infrastructure is the door to African Retailer empowerment. It makes it easy for brick-n-mortar offline retailers in Africa to provide a seamless experience to shoppers across ANY sales channel, whether offline or online, whilst owning the relationship, resulting in repeat visits and brand loyalty.

  • Increased Sales

  • Flexible Business Operations

  • Simplicity and Scalability

Why PayPecker?

End-to-end digitalization of African retailer operations, processes and systems

PayPecker enables the digital transformation of every aspect of retailer operations, such as procurement, demand forecasting, robust inventory management, account payable automation, etc, delivering a paperless integratable retail operating system to the finger tips of brick-n-mortar offline retailers in Africa.

  • Reduced Cost

  • Improved Efficiency & Productivity

  • Increased Return-on-Invest

Adopted by forward-thinking African Retailers

Daytona is a single-outlet supermarket in Lagos using PayPecker’s Infrastructure to quickly expand across Nigeria.

Nett Pharmacy is a pharmacy with 23 outlets across Nigeria using PayPecker’s Infrastructure to quickly expand across West Africa.

SmartMark is a fashion retailer with 55 outlets across English-speaking West Africa using PayPecker’s Infrastructure to quickly scale across Africa.

PayPecker is now going to give us the ability to scale the way we have always dreamed of doing. After being in the same location for 17 years, and struggling to scale sustainably despite multiple attempts we now have a tool that makes it possible.

Ramon Shitta

COO, Daytona